Thursday, July 12, 2007

pipeline for modeling and texturing this quarter

if I accomplish that at Andrew Klein's class, I will be in heaven:

Week 2 – start the new cockroach models

Week 3 – Refine new model body and start the head

Week 4 – Prepare new textures, bumps, replacement maps

Week 5 – Siggraph and continue applying the textures

Week 6 – Re-check the final model and all the layered shaders

Week 7 – Character faces built and refinements with Z-Brush

Week 8 – Both Final characters finished

Week 9 – Start re-modeling the main environment and objects

Week 10 – Refining environment Refining objects and apply specific shaders

Week 11 – Putting all I have so far in place and apply environment lighting

Render passes tests for final project


Andrew Klein said...

You have the go ahead, your proposal looks good. I would also like to see you rework the textures on the eyes a little bit. I don't like how distorted they become around the poles.


Jacks said...

Cris, are you going to leave the eyes that big? They seem to be smaller in your concept work and kindof sit within the head of your character. In your model they seem to pop out and are much more enlarged. Ohh, one more question, what resolution are the textures on this particular model?

cristiano seixas said...

yep, they are too big...I will take care of that in the new model. Usually I'm using textures 1024 by 1024 (maybe I will still try a 16mm film output and I think 512x512 is too small)

aron said...

the textures are okay at 1024 x 1024-- you can make them appear smaller or larger by changing the scale of the UV's for the shape itself.

I believe you can go into the UV mode, select them all, and scale them to make the texture appear smaller or larger.

Todd Fleury said...

This is a great idea. I am really enjoying your progress. Can't wait until the textures are mapped.