Thursday, December 6, 2007


Now that the animation part had finally started, I got excited about trying to test the characters in a lot of different poses. One of them I really liked the angle, I rendered it and, with the render, I tried some textures and color balance, looking for the final look for the short. I came up with this image. So, I couldn't help myself and do something else with it, like this "teaser postcard" kind of image, I hope you guys like it because I'm heading this way :-)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

some drawings

I know that the updates about my short should come first.
Anyway, I did some drawings and paintings this quarter (hey, I've been far away from any canvas for more than a decade!) so, it was about time to move my a%^ and get back to the drawing board (or canvas, if you will...). So, I took a crap picture of these two drawings but I will take good pictures of the paintings in a few days. The first drawing was done with brush and ink, these "bad guys" are some of my best friends in town, getting ready to watcfh some Wrestling. The other one, a traditional self-portrait study in pencils, have a cameo of my felow friend that will be by my side at least another half an year.