Thursday, August 16, 2007

Comparing Sizes!

Guys, can you let me know which size you like more between the cockroach and the fishbone?
It's because I want the cockroach to be a little cartoony too, and I think a little bigger will be better.
What do you think?


Andrew Klein said...

I agree with the bigger size. Besides, sardines are tiny anyways

aron said...

Second one is better

Sean Spitzer said...

I love the fish bones.....Is that really supposed to be sardines....are the bones right like in the head? I actually thought it was a small bass for some reason....hey I am no sardine expect...they taste nasty


cristiano seixas said...

actually, this is NOT a sardine, but visually works better ;-)
and I also don't like to eat sardines .
Let them root!